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A Little Bit About Lime

  Lime is a general term referring to products derived from heated or "calcined" limestone (calcium carbonate, CaCO3),  principally quicklime and hydrated lime. Limestone is a naturally  occurring sedimentary rock formed by the compression of the remnants of  coral animals and plants on ocean floors. Once heated between 2000-2400º  F in rotary or vertical kilns, it forms quicklime, which is then  hydrated under controlled conditions to form slaked, or hydrated lime.      Hydrated lime and Quicklime are  valuable in many industrial applications,  including waste and water treatment, the drying and stabilization of  soil, Ph and odor control, agricultural applications, asphalt  modification and building product components such as plasters and  whitewash. It is also frequently used in the scrubbing of sulfur dioxide  from stack gases emitted from industrial boilers and power plants. 


About Us


In  May, 1952, John C. Madigan, Jr. (Jack) started J.C. Madigan, as a single  truck agricultural lime spreading operation in Harvard, Massachusetts.     

J.C. Madigan provided spreading service for farms and golf courses  throughout New England and also sold agricultural lime in both bag and  bulk form to end users such as apple orchards. Over time, in order to  meet the growing demand, the operation expanded to eight spreaders and a  number of tractor-trailer trucks in order to service its customers.

Agricultural lime sales volume continued  to increase through the 1960's and into the 1970's, eventually topping  over 30,000 tons annually. However, as government farm subsidies  decreased  there was a  sharp decline in the number of farms in the New England region  which caused  the sales of agricultural lime to begin to decline.

It was at this point that  J.C. Madigan  began its transition into the sale of industrial lime products.  In 1975, J.C. Madigan sold its  agricultural spreading interests to focus on the emerging industrial  lime business, which includes the marketing of both hydrated lime and  quicklime products. 

These products offered  growth opportunities and  eliminated the seasonality of the agricultural lime business. 

The company increased its delivery fleet to ten  tractor-trailer trucks which delivered lime seven days a week. Jack  also understood the benefits  of creating proprietary assets and created his own trademarked brand  name for the hydrated lime called CHEM-CAL.™

In 1993, the operation that Mr. Madigan had run as a sole proprietorship for 41 years was incorporated as Madigan Lime Corporation by Mr. Madigan's two sons, John C. Madigan III  and Timothy Madigan .

Today, under the leadership of Timothy Madigan, Madigan Lime Corporation continues  to distribute industrial lime throughout the Northeast. The company  sources its products from Graymont Inc. with locations in  Jolliete, Marbleton and Bedford, Quebec, Canada and Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania.  

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